Security Measures and Awareness
Security Measures and Awareness

Security Measures and Awareness

Snowmobilers like the Sno-Park access point and usually travel in packs of 2 or more as a security measure. Consequently, the region can at times be a little congested. However, the snowmobilers often just do a few quick loops around the meadow before heading southwards up Blue Lakes Road. If there are a lot of snowmobilers during your adventure in this region, begin traveling around the meadow in a clockwise loop. Ski towards Pickett’s Junction, relatively parallel to the SR-88, until the snowmobilers clear out.

Staying aware of your surroundings can never be over-emphasized. Always keep an eye on your surroundings and watch out for snowmobilers, especially when going through the most open and widest spots in the meadow. The area can be a bit undulating, and sometimes your head will be below or just at the horizon line as viewed when a person is far away. You do not want to be in the lower areas when snowmobilers are heading your way.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Up the Blue Lakes Road

This route is relatively straightforward and easy to use. Just head south as far as you’d like and then right back. The Blue Lakes Road stretches for many miles and at some point, you might feel like an uphill journey to the most part as you head further south. The return journey is not downhill at all since the pitch is not very steep.

The main concern while snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in this region as with the preceding regions is the aspect of snowmobilers. In good winter conditions, the Blue Lakes Road is very idyllic, lined by creeks, trees, and granite boulders. There is a small part of Blue Lakes Road that is privately owned, so you might want to keep a lookout for signs and stay out of the areas with posted signs. Blue Lakes Road is a finite and relatively narrow space, therefore you should be attentive to the traffic, particularly snowmobiles, heading your way from any direction. Snowmobilers will slow down as they approach you but this entirely depends on whether they see you. However, you shouldn’t be at the center of the road. The idea is to remain visible so that snowmobiles can easily see you as they approach you. It’s also prudent to be alert and cautious as you approach bends on the Blue Lakes Road, always keep right, and stay safe as much as you can.


Whether you decide to take the Sno-Park route, go around the meadow, or up the Blue Lakes Road, your snowshoeing and skiing expedition will be an exciting one. But remember to watch out for snowmobiles, water features, and generally be aware of your surroundings. Also, ensure that you purchase a Sno-Parking permit before visiting the area to enjoy access to the spacious parking lot.